Martial Arts

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is the most well known of the martial arts in the United States. It improves flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength. Apart from the physical discipline, Tae Kwon Do also stresses loyalty and respect, both in the training hall as well as in daily life.

In our classes, you will learn traditional Korean Tae Kwon Do. You will learn kicks and hand techniques, forms (pattern of techniques) and controlled sparring. To learn more about the style of Tae Kwon Do taught at International Martial Arts Academy go to see our roots.


Jujutsu is the ancient art of the Samurai for unarmed defense. It employs the use of throws, grappling, joint locks, and ground fighting. This is an excellent means to defend oneself from an attacker. It relies not on size and weight but the use of your opponent's motion to defeat them.

Children learn the basics of this art. Adults start learning this art at their intermediate level and in their advance levels they will earn ranking in this art.

Kobudo (Weapons)

Our intermediate students start learning to control a weapon. The more advanced students are taught a wide variety of weapons and advanced techniques. Most of the focus is on Okinawan weaponry, specifically the bo staff, nunchukas, kamas and tonfas.  There are, however, other weapons that are incorporated into the Kobudo training--among these other weapons are the escrima, bokken and katana.

Click here to see Sensei Fox demonstrating the cutting power of the Katana


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